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Take some time to explore all that the Snoqualmie Valley has to offer. 

From world class outdoor activities to history rich small town charm, the Snoqualmie Valley is a special place to call home. 

Follow along and see a new angle on the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley!

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We don’t just share about Snoqualmie area real estate. We love telling our followers about cool things to GO! DO! and experience as we LIVE! our best lives out here in Snoqualmie Valley. 

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Why I Love the Valley Video Series

Market News

January Market Update Snoqualmie Valley

January Market Update Snoqualmie Valley

January 2020 Numbers are in!
When the calendar turns a new year (and the Seahawks play their last game) PNW real estate begins to heat up! Without fail, 2020 is off to a typical start in the region and specifically in the Snoqualmie Valley. Agents are clamoring for listings, buyers are lining up eagerly waiting for the right home, and some wild stories out there of an already hot market.

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News for land buyers! Water rights clarity!

Finally clarity for the Hirst legislation & water rights in Washington state!  This supreme court decision was negatively impacting land owners, buyers, & developers across the state.  Properties were in limbo! Land deals had stalled! Water rights were argued over & confusion had set in.  A terrible mix for an active market.

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