Holidays in Snoqualmie Valley
Our town is our magical this time of year!

Lights! Santa Train! Festivals! Local Shopping! Even the Grinch!

All these and more make living in the Snoqualmie Valley this time of year special!

PRO TIP > **If you have never road the Santa Train, it is a must and you can see my post detailing it

At the beginning of December Snoqualmie and North Bend both kicked off the month with a holiday festival that didn’t disappoint. There was so much going on in the Valley that first weekend but with two kids we could only make North Bend Holly Days festival!

Snoqualmie’s night purportedly had over 5,000 people turn out for the festivities and tree lighting. But North Bend (where we actually live) was awesome as well!

Fun For Everyone

There were cookie decorating stations, outdoor fire pits for roasting smores, and more!

Other highlights include live music and local group performances (Ignite Dance, Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle)

The Holly Day’s Festival has provided our community a chance to get together and celebrate the local flavor of our town.

Traditions Continue

Holiday traditions are important on so many levels. While they are often very personable and family specific, it is great to see our towns in the Snoqualmie Valley provide opportunities for local connections and community building. No need to travel to the big city! I’m sure there are plenty of people that love all the events that Seattle and Bellevue have to offer, and rightfully so. But if you have never been to a small town holiday festival, do yourself a favor and come next year!

I hope this holiday season you and those special to you were able to enjoy your own traditions. As another year comes to a close I wish you and yours a happy and safe Holiday Season!